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Selling/Vendor/Advertising Rules and Regulations
Supporting Vendor Rules, Guidelines, Etiquete

Commerical Posting

Only Supporting Dealers and Vendors, who have paid for the exclusive rights to advertise on this forum, may commercially advertise vehicles, products, and services for sale in this forum. Any commercial posting done by members who are not a Supporting Dealer/Vendor will have their post deleted.

Individuals/businesses who wish to become a supporting dealer/vendor may contact rjones@autoforums.com to get information on how to become a supporting vendor.

Disputes on Transactions The Forum allows members to post regarding a bad transaction with a vendor or another Forum member, but only after they have made a reasonable effort to resolve the issue offline. Then, when a post is made outlining the problem, the post must be factual and may not deteriorate into a rant or a vendor/tuner/member-bashing exercise.

We leave such threads open as long as they conform with Forum rules/guidelines and in order to give all sides in an issue the opportunity to comment. Then, the threads are locked and archived for future reference.

The matter may not be addressed in multiple threads or revisited with the same already-posted information on subsequent days.

These types of posts and threads however do not belong in the Supporting Vendor News & Announcements Section and should be made in a separate thread in a section that pertains to the topic.

Etiquette for posting

It is inappropriate to throw cold water on the For Sale/Announcement threads posted by other members or a vendor by attacking the price or quality of the parts or service being offered for sale or suggesting alternate sources for the item.

If you donít like the price or the item being offered, move on.

It boils down to this: If your contribution to a For Sale/Announcement thread does not advance the sale of the item being offered, youíre probably in the way and shouldnít be in the thread. If you donít like the deal, you should take it to e-mail or PMs.


All postings are not for competition. Vendor posts can be thought of as an online classified ad.

All transactions are "caveat emptor" (let the buyer beware), and it is the responsibility of the buyer to research their sale. RESEARCH, QUESTIONS NOT DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE SALE POSTED, DISCUSSION OF 'FAIR PRICE', ETC. CONDUCTED WITHIN A FOR SALE THREAD ARE CONSIDERED THROWING COLD WATER ON THE SALE AND ARE NOT ALLOWED. There are many sources for researching and discussion such topics. Just don't do it here.

If you believe other Forum members are in jeopardy because of the seller's offer, notify a moderator.

Commercial posting

Supporting vendors pay for the considerable bandwidth charges incurred by the Forum in exchange for the right to use the Forum to market and promote their goods and/or services.

Forum members are allowed to post For Sale threads to sell their own [GTO] or parts their have bought for use on their own [GTO], but they must not use the vendor Forums to promote sales/services beyond that.

The Forum does not prohibit occasional and casual mention of non-supporting vendors. But those mentions cannot be so specific that they include addresses, phone numbers, sales contact names, e-mail addresses, URLs or links. And if the "casual" references become frequent, they will be considered as marketing and promotion.

You cannot, for instance, make a post telling other Forum members to buy their new [GTO] from dealer XYZ when XYZ is a non-supporting dealer.

If, however, you post a thread about a new [GTO] you have purchased and the thrust of the post is about the [GTO], it would not be inappropriate to mention in the post that you were pleased by your dealings with XYZ dealer.

Members that are not supporting vendors but post contact information for commercial sale (for example, dealers that post the dealership name, number, e-mail, etc.) in a starting thread, a specific post, or their signature are subject to having their information deleted. Persistent or multiple posting of contact information will result in said member being banned from posting.

Contact "Administrator" if you have any further questions about vendorship. Thanks!


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