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I got one for ya... try an Ohio dealership!

I had a dealer call me like 8 days after I bought my GTO to tell me he couldn't give me the interest rate we agreed upon from GMAC.

I had to drive back home from an out of down job to "sign papers" again at a higher interest rate/longer term...

I bet they do this to everyone right? give you the car and let you drive it for a week and fall in love with it... then out of nowhere call you up and and change the numbers so they can get a better kick-back from the GMAC.

And all this was AFTER they tried to write in an extended warrenty (over a grand) and 6 "pre-paid" oil changes ($500!!!) in to the original bill of sale without ever talking to me about it.

Needless to say I gave them the keys back. They didn't like that. So after two and a half hours of nastiness I purchased the car again... this time with much better numbers. I'm sure they still made money off me.. but they are a business and I have no problem with them making money to pay the bills etc. But seriously car dealerships suck. They are all crooks. They preasure like crazy. But don't blame the car. Decide early if you want to pay sticker or fight for a good price. And if you want a test drive... just walk in with a checkbook in your hand! (even if it is empty! HAHAHAHA)
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