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That is awesome. Love that AD car!

Got this special intel from a buddy of mine...does it ring true?

I spent some time with the GTO crew this weekend at Mid Ohio, and gleaned a few tidbits about their program.

The most important being they are readying a second car, and will have it at the Cleveland race. This is important as it will double their ammount of development info.

They are very pleased with the suspension and handling of the car. I would have to agree after seeing it in the twisties at Mid Ohio. It is as good as the best and better than most in the turns. They did get help in this area from Holden, hence the Holden decal in the back window. The car uses the rear center section and suspension pick-up points of the '06 CV8, which has a 5 link setup. This eliminates the bump steer issues with the current setup. All the other stuff is fabricated by them, even the rear uprights and axle shafts, as the Holden stuff is designed for endurance racing and is too heavy.

Now that the suspension is making them happy, they are moving on to engine development. They said that right now their biggest problem is lack of power, and the fact that they are the "red headed step child" of GM's road racing program in North America. Apparently the Cadillac team gets first priority on new development stuff from the secret inner sanctum at the GM engine skunk works.

So things seem to be looking up for the GTO.
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