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Bringing a GTO into Canada...

The 04 to 06 GTO is no longer on the inadmissible list on Transport Canada's website. I spoke to the RIV and there's no problem bringing the car into Canada.

Must have:
- Title
- Bill of Sale
- Proof of insurance

Process & Fees:
- You must contact your border crossing 72 hours prior to you arriving at the border with the car.
- You will have to pay the 5% GST at the border
- If the car has AC you will have to pay an additional $100.00 AC excise tax.

Once you're in Canada:
- You have to pay the $195.00 RIV fee and fax them the form you received at the border.
- You will have to produce a letter from GM stating the car has gotten all the recalls done.
- You will need to go to Canadian Tire for vehicle inspection. If the car doesn't pass, you have 45 days to fix whatever is needed to pass inspection.
- Once your car passes inspection, you can register it in your province. You will only have to pay the provincial portion of the tax on the vehicle and registration fees.

- DRL (Daytime Running Lamps) are required in Canada. Before coming to Canada, drop by a GM dealer and get them to turn on the DRL in the BCM. It's very easy for them to do.
- There is no duty on this vehicle. So, only thing you pay is the GST & AC tax.
- Go to your local Canadian Tire and get a list of requirements first for the inspection. This way when you go for inspection, you won't get screwed by them making up stuff because as we all know Crappy Tire can't be trusted!

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