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Broker delivery

I took the easy way, I called a broker, ASl;s auto delivery, he makes runs to Arizona, Florida & other "dry" states looking for old metal.
I told him, watch for an 06 GTO, & in a month, he called from Florida, at an estate sale, the guy had a GTO from almost every year, 64 up to 06!
He bought a 65, which by the way, is maybe one of the nicest i;ve ever seen & bought me the 06, with 5500miles on it.
He told me he had to put a front crash bar affixed to the front bumper, to legally bring it into Canada,but, i'm not to sure about that.
All in all, it cost me an extra $950.00 delivered to my door.
And, i got a new bumper for my 62 thrown in the bargain.
It;s sleeping for the winter now, but, i;ve said this before, the 06 could be one of the best put together, driveable cars i;ve ever owned.
My only complaint, the rear tires wear out very quickly
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