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Hello Bonny, the possibility exists that your pump, cylinders and hoses all contain brake fluid. Brake fluid was commonly used from the factory but unfortunately after sitting so long it most likely has crystallized. If you look closely at the top of the piston rods there is a large chrome bolt that acts as a pivot point with your top bow lift mechanism. Undo the nut and pull the bolt out, this will free up the top and you should be able to pull the top up manually. I would have someone help to pull the top up evenly as you do not want to stress the bows and possibly bend them. I rebuild the complete system on my GTO convertible, all these cars used the same basic system. Depending on what you find the pump can be rebuilt. Messy job but doable. Cylinders and hoses are available from Hydro E. I would use hydraulic fluid instead as brake fluid has stability issues. If you ever have a leak brake fluid is a great paint remover and will damage paint very easily. Good luck.
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