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I am glad to see it, watch the barret jackson and meechum auctions from time to time, and see all the big dollar cars move. Very rarely do i see a pontiac in there. Seems the price never takes off on the ponitacs but then again the prices never are low either. Theres a steadiness to them. Working on them shopping for them buying them. Most people that are looking at pontiacs really want one. The above car being a Catalina for some reason makes me like the story more. I have a GTO, the same year that my uncle had, who traded it for a camero. I didnt grow up in the golden age and get to see these cars cruise woodward, by the time i got to drive no one really wanted to go to woodward let alone cruise a nice car. I am not sure why but always loved pontiacs in general not just the GTO. love to see them around. And on that note new Lemans in town same color as my goat but a 70. Sharp car
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