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Nice car.

Power steering? or Manual steering box?

What makes you believe you need to adjust your steering box? Remember, these older cars do not respond like today's rack & pinion steering. I would not adjust it just for the sake of adjusting the steering box. If you do it wrong, you can damage the box, or worse, cause the steering box to bind up.

Have you checked or replaced the idler arm? tie-rod ends? Drag link? If these are worn out, they will cause loose steering.

Can't help you on the vacuum gauge lines. I would think the line goes to a vacuum port on the engine directly, or off of the carburetor. I have seen some Pontiac intakes having a single vacuum port just in front of the carburetor if I remember correctly. You should be able to trace the line by following what vacuum lines you do have on the engine/coming off the carburetor.

For a wiring diagram, you might have to locate and purchase a Pontiac chassis manual for your year car.
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