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On the 2+2's, I've always had a thing for the '65's and to a degree, the '66's. My uncle had a '65 4spd 2+2 before he left for Vietnam. He had to sell it after only two years, but remember seeing it and hearing a lot of story's about it when I was young. My Grandmother ordered a '66 Ventura, 421, auto, w 8 lugs, owned it til late '72...sweet ride. Can remember 3 of us loading a fresh killed and dressed Angus steer into the trunk and hauling that dressed steer 10 miles to the local processing plant.

Over the last 3 decades, have had several dozen Pontiac friends who owned '64-66 2+2's as "rescued" projects (needing a lot of work) to fairly original cars needing a lot of maintainance and TLC. IMHO, the demand in the hobby has gravitated to a high degree to the manual transmission cars, ESP ones that are a good factory color/combination. IF one owns THAT optioned car, typically will see someone go to great lengths to restore it. The ugly color base horse 421 4bbl auto rough 2+2's, those just dont light the fire under a lot of guys to be restored. Theres a base horse beige auto '66 2+2 that is two miles from my old place. Was sitting outside for years, before the current owner hauled it in 20 years ago, I seriously doubt it ever gets restored.

For those with a worthy B series, there is a lot of clean used sheet metal out there for restoration. Just have to know who to ask! The parts that just really make or break such a car, & are very expensive to restore are the bright pot metal, and perfect trim. Bumpers are not cheap to properly plate anymore. Nice interior door panels and rear side panels are also nice to have, many don't want to have to spend $$$$ to recreate them. Correct seat reupholstery will run several thousand, expect searching and searching for a upholstery shop with true craftsman to make the seats look perfect.

Hope this helps, best to you with whatever you decide.

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