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good stuff Shake-N-Bake and PontiacJim
had a 68 my senior year in high school 1973 and decided last year I wanted it back. Couldn't find it but did find a very good condition, partial restore 400 HO in Indiana that I had to have so bought and had Passport deliver on an enclosed trailer.

unfortunately I am not a gear-head (wish I was) but only have basic skill like brake, oil change, etc.
She gets her rebuild Rochester next week and from there will look at the rear end. It is an occasional driver and won't race but when I step on the gas I want it to be heard and seen. Aside from that I want it as close to stock as can be with minor tweeks for speed. And, may change from drum to disc front simple enough for me to tackle.
with the help of of my Paul Zazarine Restore Guide and the luxery of having a museum quality restore shop owner in town and a friend, what I can't he can do at a very high price. Guess he is used to those +$250K museum restores and thinks I can afford those same hourly rates. Ha, Ha

installed factory Ralley II's 15x7 and 15x8 this past week. Exterior is premium so hope to post a photo soon.

again, thanks for your expert input and keep it coming, I can use all the input you care to share

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