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Originally Posted by Nicholas View Post
Yes, I am a member there and did some posting with responses. I always try to gather as much info as possible from whatever sources are available, before making any decisions. Thanks.
What info about the car are you looking for? I had a '57 2Dr Sedan when I was younger with 347CI/Hydramatic. I added a 1956 factory 2x4 intake and a pair of AFB's. Only 1 carb was hooked up. Back in the day you pulled the hood to let all the hot rod guys in the area you had a fast car. I was good at faking them out (like my hot rod primer black, dog dish hub capped, dual corvair turbo exhaust, not a hemi "HEMI" Roadrunner with its transplanted & tired 318CI and automatic - no one would race me, faked 'em all. LOL). My first car was a 1956 Pontiac 4 Dr HT with 316CI/Hydramatic.

The X-member on the '56 rotted through. It had rot in the trunk wheel wells and rear door "dog legs" from salt being thrown up onto the inner wheel wells from the rear tires. The '57 was pretty rotted throughout the floors and why I eventually scrapped it - too much work and not worth saving as back then they were just old junky cars.

Parts will be hard to find or be costly. The front-end does not use ball joints, but a different set-up which back then I had to repair and took a while to locate a replacement pin - no internet or Ebay to access. The torque converter, which is a 2-piece bolted together unit, developed a crack and a shop was able to weld it up. Swapped in a 3-speed on the column into the '56 and had new bearings installed. With some hard shifting/driving, it began to pitch a fit and not shift very well. Learned later that the transmission was not very rugged and had issues. When the clutch cross shafted twisted and broke one day, out came the manual trans and in went the hydramatic. It eventually lost 3rd gear, but it would still shift 1-2-4th and I drove it that way until my brother got into an accident (not his fault) with it and totalled it out.

These cars have drum brakes - and they don't stop very well. Front wheel bearings are of the old ball bearing style. My '57 burned up a front bearing. Took some time to locate one of those as they were long gone off the parts shelves when I needed one.

Vacuum wipers which suck unless you have the electric wiper motor which were found on the higher end cars. When you nailed the gas in the rain, no vacuum got to the wiper motor and your wipers simply stopped right then and there until you let off on the gas. I did locate an electric set-up for my '56 and installed it - much better.

Oil bath air cleaner which kills gas mileage. Installed a paper element and highway cruising back in the day of 55 MPH speed limits got me 18 MPG with the '56.

Tube-type radio. Works great for an AM radio, but always had to wait a couple minutes when turned on for the tubes to warm up before it would play.

My '56 had 2 heaters. One at the firewall and one under the seat to throw heat to the rear passengers.

That said, if it is kept original, like any old car, parts may be difficult to find or become expensive should things break down or wear out. If you hardly drive it and only take it to a local show, you can keep wear down to a minimum. The best way to enjoy a car like this is to do a complete upgrade to the engine, trans, rear-end, and even an updated front sub-frame.

The trunk areas seem to be sore spots. And I would check the car completely over as you would any car - floors, bottom of the fenders, headlight buckets, etc..

Can be a fun car, I like all the chrome, but just know what could lie ahead. This may be one of those times where you want to buy the best condition car you can afford.
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