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Thank you very much Jim, for taking the time to respond. What I'm looking for is possibly hearing of personal experiences of those that owned or still own a '57 Pontiac. I like to hear their stories and it gives me insight into what I might be getting into. I want to be armed with all info available before I buy anything; if in fact I do. Pontiac's have always been my first love, although my small collection is mostly Chevys. I do have a '71 GTO. My father had a '57 Pontiac when I was in my early teens and I remember it well. I always liked that car, so I would like to buy one. I know it's an emotional connection, but that's ok. I just want to get a good one. One with absolutely no rust. Restored nicely/correctly and all original. Needs little to nothing. Really want a 4d ht. Preferably a Star Chief. Certainly would take a Bonneville. Stock, original drive train; the 4 speed automatic trans. is a must. I basically want to just drive, wax and maintain it. I check the internet almost on a daily basis. There are quite a few '57's out there. I like to see what is available and the asking price. Gives me some direction to go in. If this purchase happens, it will be a want and not a need. I have other cars to drive, so I'm not lacking there. I have a C6 Corvette convertible that I bought brand new and drove 47 miles last year. Pathetic, isn't it?? Then my wife questions whether a I need another car and my answer is of course yes. Getting older and someday I see me having just one car. A '57 Pontiac could be it. I like the body style and it would be easy for me to work on if need be. So, I keep looking. I may have mentioned I found one about 45 minutes from me. Straight. Dent free. Original everything, but loaded with much undercarriage surface rust. So much so, that pieces of a body mount came off in my hands while examining that area. Would have been a good project if I was a young fellow and wanted the challenge and didn't mind expense, but had to walk away. So, I continue to look.
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