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You are not going to want to hear this.

Pass on it.

Here is why.

1. It is too rare of a car of which there are not alot of resources to source parts from,
2. The car is just not worth as much as you would like it to be to justify paying a premium for parts. simply because it is rare doesnt make it valuable.

Do yourself a favor. Find something unique enough to stand out, but common enough to be able to source parts for, and sought after to keep the value up.

Now if there was a nostalgic reason for it.. then that pretty much trumps all, go ahead and get it. But if there no nostalgic reason.... Pass on it.... Got get a 65 GTO or a 68 Charger.. yeah I know.. But they have a cool shape. It will be my next purchase.

If you do buy it and need a transmission for it, let me know. I have one. I have that torque converter PontiacJim is talking about. It is rare, but not really worth much..
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