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Cj the most important number is the 36.....so letís say you have 28 centrifugal and add 8 base for 36....

Now to that 8 base you are going to add 10 degrees of vacumn advance.....so idle will be 18 degrees....it will idle great and run great.

Then just do the springs so it comes in reasonably early, really 2800 to 3600 is good.

You donít have to have 24 degrees at idle although cars with very radical cams can handle more idle timing. If you have to get then you have to use a bushing on the centrifugal weights or use different weights and center piece.

But if your numbers are like I said above,..I would run it like that if it does not ping or knock, then try turning the base up 2 degrees to 10 base....for total of 38.....andd then your idle would be 20...........10 base and 10 vacumn

Lotís of Pontiac engines can take that much some more, but compression set up intakes all play a roll.
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