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Originally Posted by cij911 View Post
Lemans guy, that makes sense. But I read elsewhere you wanted a base timing of 10-14 with vacuum of 10, so 24* at idle. The problem is I’d be more like 6-8 * base to limit total to 36*.

Is there a way to correct for this?
My problem was fixed after eliminating everything.

But the problem was a distributor problem, i got an msd distributer with an msd ignition box and set TDC (top dead center) once again.

Then i was playing with the timing.

The stock msd has 18* of mechanical advance (stock spring - black)

So to get 34* of total timing (works with me) i set the initial timing @ 16*.

Got new spark plugs as well.

This is what cured my backfiring issue and the engine started running strong and healthy!
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