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cij911 - "I have been told by someone far more experienced than me that my current setup has a base timing too low and that I should be more like 16* + 10* vacuum canister which would yield 26* at idle with vacuum and that I should get a distributor with 20* mechanical advance."

PJ - You might want to let this guy have your car and let him set it up for you.

You have been given the correct info by Lemans guy as well as TheGoatFather1965 and don't seem to want to take their advice and I am not sure why not? If you talk to 100 people you are going to get 100 suggestions - only adding to your confusion.

Maybe you want to start from scratch. Pull the distributor and do a rebuild. Check the gear for wear and endplay. Then go from there. With all this difficulty, I'm thinking you have a bad/worn distributor.

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