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Originally Posted by Wingnuttz33 View Post
My post wasn't meant to be angry or malicious. I'm sorry if you felt that way.
I posted because i am confused.
Maybe i can clarify why i posted.

Ellos the original poster said the window pillars are present when the window is down.
A picture was posted (maybe this is where i got confused) of a 66' that had no window pillars. Maybe I assumed this is the original car he is talking about.

I posted that the picture had no widow pillars.
Geeteeoh responded to my post it isn't a window pillar.

I am still confused.

I posted a responce from my phone i don't see it posted here, so i will refer to my "fluent " remark.

My Avatar is me in 1981, My brother and I have owned Collectively 64, 65, 67, 68. and the last one Pontiac failed on the ventura body.
I have always had a GTO in my garage since 1974, i am now 61 and have 3 in multiply stages of restoration now.

I DO NOT in anyway claim to be an expert. But i am fluent. sorry if i came out cocky, it wasn't my intent.
And that "fluent" is mainly 65's.
Trust me pontiac Jim does not make mistakes. If he said you pissed in your cornflake I m willing to bet you did. Also trust me move on not worth yours or any one else's time. . I think it ruins the whole ideas of having a forum but some here always have the right answers . I mean really if you have an average of one post every day for six years you must know what your talking about ??? I think ???? NOT ??and I will add why can't you just shut your mouth and let folks talk .? You had a legit question but Pontiac Jim had to jump in. He always has to have the last line . Good luck Pontiac jim who I says does not even own a Pontiac but he sure does read a lot of books . Can't wait for his reply but please understand I might not read for a week or two . I do have s life unlike you Doug

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