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I'll add two things here: There is no need to run extremely high initial timing, as all it does is lead to hard starting and a weak top end. I run my '65 and '67 at spec, about 6 BTDC. Also, I have installed the Crane and Accel adjustable cans, and they are JUNK. The allen screw strips after the first use and the can is rendered useless. This happened to me on every one I tried. You are better off using a stock can and installing a limit bar or one of Lars Grimsruud's advance limit brackets that he sells for cheap. Also, reading ANY of Lar's timing articles will put you at the head of the class regarding ignition timing. All cars need and want their own specific curve. I cannot believe that amount of Pontiac guys I run into that think they have to run 16-20 degrees of initial timing, have no manifold vacuum advance, and wonder why they break piston lands and pound their engine bearings into the copper.
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