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Originally Posted by curtis.smith68 View Post
that could look pretty cool. I just found a used one in really good shape a couple hours from me for $250. I'll still have this one to play with and may attempt to do something like that too just for fun. Thanks Jim!

$250 seems a bit high in my book unless I needed it for my Trans-Am restoration ($125 might be a better price seeing you may have to "adjust" it to work), that's why I pointed out the VFN fiberglass one. It appears in the photo that it may have a fairly flat area outside the scoop itself which might lend in its ease to mount to the under hood bracing. It will also be lighter than the factory piece.

Ebay has one for $99 plus shipping which would be cheaper and save you the drive/gas/time. This is also the later type. You can see the shape of the outer base and the hole on the top/left is the drain for rain/water. https://www.ebay.com/i/302989067267?chn=ps

Here is a great explanation along with photos or the differences in the scoops according to year of production. Hitman's Pontiac Trans Am Site - Shaker Scoops

Where you have cut the insides of the GTO scoops, if there is any kind of gap, I would fill it in/fiberglass it to contour and then blend it into the Trans-Ams scoop to make it look all one piece molded together. Your matt black should contribute to the look. And if it were me, I would open up the back of the scoop to let cool air in/engine heat out. You will be the only GTO with this type hood - and will probably get a lot of lookers trying to figure out what you have and where you bought it.

You may decide you don't need another hood.
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