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Originally Posted by curtis.smith68 View Post
I still may pursue this look with the Trans-Am scoop but to clarify, what I found for $250 was a GTO hood in really good shape and not just a Trans-Am scoop. Sorry for the confusion. Given that re-pop hoods cost anywhere from $550-$700 delivered I think this is a good deal for an original hood.
Agreed, that is a good price. Just check to make sure no kinks in it. The hood is long and heavy and as the hinges would develop a little rust or lose their lubrication, many would force the hood closed - until that one day when you really had to force it down and the hood would buckle or kink just in front of the hinge. Had one on one of my cars. Ruins the hood integrity. I skinned the hood to use on another hood for its scoops.
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