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Tail light issue found... As suspected it was a bad ground connection from the ground straps to the bumper brackets.

[IMG]Untitled by paradox_69_666, on Flickr[/IMG]
[IMG]Untitled by paradox_69_666, on Flickr[/IMG]

Since I have the bumper off and this was my only external electrical issue I will begin prepping the whole car for paint. I'm going to use a little filler where needed but mostly I will be using Evercoat Slick Sand.
Currently everything is sealed with a black epoxy primer so I think I will do a light coat of the gray slick sand and then block sand to identify the trouble spots and react to them accordingly. Depending on the severity of the high/low spots I may just use the high build primer to do most of my filling but we shall see.
Once I have the body as straight as I can get it I will seal it with John Deere Buff Primer Sealer, then hit that with a good 400 grit wet sand. After that I will take the fenders off so I can spray all the jambs and seams with John Deere Blitz Black as I will have the rear bumper off already too. With the fenders off I should be able to get into the door jambs well enough without having to remove the doors. After the jambs and seams are painted with the Blitz Black I'll get everything back on and shoot the entire car assembled.
I only just stumbled upon this John Deere paint in another forum as it's quite popular in the "Satin Black" Hot Roding community. There are so many to choose from and the other one I was looking at was Boulevard Black from TCP's Hot Rod Flatz line, and still may change my mind back to TCP at the last minute... The John Deere is an enamel and intended for farm equipment that gets abused and baked in the sun so I have to believe it's not a bad choice.
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