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I'm so glad it's been raining all month... my mud was starting to get dehydrated.

Closer and closer. Tail light issue solved. Rear bumper brackets painted and rear bumper reinstalled. My wiring is all buttoned up under the dash now. I have under the dash courtesy lamps now, thanks to the complete wire harness replacement, when I never had them before, all I need are some bulbs. I think I'm going to go through and replace all the incandescent bulbs with their LED equivalents, inside and out. AMES sells a few and so does Diode Dynamics, which is a very high quality brand but also very expensive relatively speaking. AMES also sells the LED flash relays that are needed when replacing turn and hazard incandescent bulbs with LED's or you will get a rapid flash. I did this on my VW and I absolutely love the results. Most of them can be found through various different vendors other than those two also. As I wait for summer to get here I will continue prepping for paint and finish up the last re torque I have left which are the header nuts.

Road worthy to-do list:
-relocate fuel pump
-install fuel cell foam
-fabricate heat shield between headers and upper control arms, I'll probably hit up a pick-n-pull and take a heat shield from some car, trim to fit and away I go.

Once those things are wrapped up I would feel comfortable getting her registered and insured and start more extensive test drives. There is still a lot more to do after that like;
-weather stripping
-sound dampening/heat barrier, interior.
-sound system
-head liner and a few other interior items
-and all the little detail misc. items that are too long to list...

It is very encouraging... I am so close to being able to take her on the road again. It was around this time last year I started this thread and this weekend will mark the one year point when I got her back from the metal shop as a complete hulk when the real work began. I only was able to work on her for a couple hours after work and on the few weekends I didn't have my boy with me through the summer and yet I was able to get her so far. I have no doubt she will be on the road this year and maybe to a couple parking lot car shows.

The saga continues... stay tuned...

Here is a Chevelle that is painted the same color I'm going with and has the same brands of wheels and tires. Differences I will have are all my trim and rear bumper will be painted. The only parts with a metal shine I will not paint are the grill edges, Pontiac badge on the nose and that's about it I think.

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