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Dont read this....

If you dont like reading about what car got beat by who then change posts now....

For the rest of you immature boys out there........

On the way home from work tonite I am toolin down the road....Windows down tunes up, what the hell its Friday. Along my right side I hear this car revving the snot out of the engine. I slow down a bit and two young boys are eyeballin the ride. The car was a white Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T with a fart can and some high pressure turbo work, the pressure relief valve sounded like a diesel truck when its air system has built up too much pressure and it blasts some out. Every time he shifted there was a massive "PSSSSSHHH" from the car. Now I know this is a 4-banger so all I did was drop down a couple gears and accelerate away. Nothing fancy, just a "get real" kind of thing. Now these 2 end up right next to me at the next light. So I cant help myself I look over at them and say "You boys need a few more cylinders in that thing if you want to hang with me". The driver said "No way man, it may only be a 4 cylinder with I can hang with a Vette." I said "No way". He said "Seriously, I can hang with a vette I've got 30 lbs of boost in this and all wheel drive. I will smoke you from the light" I said "Dude, No way in hell are you going to take a Vette in anything from Mitsubishi" Him "Well, dont believe me but I am tellin you I can" Me "Well, you goin down Hillsborough?" Him "I can..." Me "Well, if you think youve got somethin bring it down" He said OK. When the light turned green I said "Here we go, I hope you boys filled up with premium today" So a few miles later we were there. Now this is a big 6 lane divided highway. Huge distances between roads. I didnt think he was going to go but sure as hell he followed me all the way. We stopped in a Walgreens lot and waited for the light at the intersection to turn red and all traffic to clear. I told him to pull out and I will pull beside him then we will go. I had to admit I was a little nervous. He talked alot of smack and he followed me all the way so I started thinking maybe this little thing really does haul. Well we went at it. I performed the most awesome launch ever. 3000 rpm and nare a sqwak out of the tires. I friggin smoked this guy. I clowned this guy so bad, it was stupid. I only got to about 90 and quit. He stayed way back, he had to be embaressed after all the BS that came out of his mouth. I just wrote him off and kept driving. I couldnt believe my eyes if at the next light, low and behold if there wasnt a pretty Silver GTO sitting there. These things are about as common as a Ferarri here in Pinellas so I was very excited to chat in person with a fellow owner. I got right up next to him and waved at him. We only had a few mins but He asked about the year. Told me he had Headers, CAI and a chip tune done on his 04. I told him about the gtoforum, asked him to please come chat. I hope he comes on here. His car sounded nice and he recommended to me to get some headers. The light turned, and he went. Now, I think he floored it, it sure sounded that way. So, so did I. I gotta tell you 04 owners, you better watch us 05 guys. The only "MOD" I have is the valve stem caps that say GTO. I hope he joins our group so I can ask him, he may not have and I dont want to talk trash. He had his wife/girlfriend in the Goat with him so maybe he didnt want to hit it too hard. His Headers, tune and CAI and I pulled on him like nobody's business. Not far at all mind you 1st and about half of second. He honked and I waved and he drove past. Goat owners are cool. Now get this. Those 2 pinheads in the Eclipse are next to me again. This kid was blown away. He had about 100 questions about the car. He said he has never raced anything as fast as that. He told me the car sounded AWESOME. He said when I nailed it, it was so loud that him and his buddy could feel it in thier chests. He was laughing and thanked me for the race, told me he loved the car. He said again that the car sounded so good, and that when he heard the first blast from the exhaust from the get go he knew he was going to loose. He said he gave it everything it had. (I didnt remind him of his Vette story he was tellin, cause I got no qualms about what a Vette would do to me, and in turn what it would do to him 2-fold) He also saw the little deal with the Silver GTO and couldnt believe his eyes when I moved away from that guy. Nice kids, I didnt have any hope for them. The last time I got flipped off by all of them in thier car. These boys took a beating and gained respect. Thats how it should be. I love this goddamned car. And it was an awesome Friday drive home and now its Miller Time!! My baby is getting washed tomorrow! Woo Hoo!!!
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JMV, the Guiness Book of World Records is now changing its listing for "Author of the World's Longest Paragraph."

I've heard some of those idiotic turbo cars with that hissing sound. Ridiculous. Glad you kicked his powdered nuts in.
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1/8 7.63 at 89.14, 60ft of 1.61
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What a great way to end a Friday night, thats awesome, sometimes they just gotta be beaten to be proven.Ya just gotta show em,what fun!!! Everybody needs a good race now and then.I love our GTO too,can't help but smile everytime you get in it.I was at a light the other day,two guys next to me say hey how does that thing run, mind you my husband is in the backseat and my daughter in front,so just as he says that the light turns green, i did't say a word just punched it and go flying down the road,leaving them with there eyeballs hanging out, then they catch up and they say YA it does run good, people just need to be shown what we've got....I love it!!!!!

05 YellowJacket, A4
Some Bolt-Ons
[email protected] 90.27- 60ft 1.587-Irwindale Hers
[email protected] Infineon Hers
[email protected] Infineon His
[email protected] 90.95mph-60ft 1.621 Irwindale His

Tuned by Btlfed1500 377hp-375tq
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Just the sound of the GTO ANTHEM is intimidating enough.

Tonite a guy in his Audi was on my ass end as I approached a traffic light. When the light changed I casually pulled away, but it was like he was trying to push me. So......... I gave it some gas and pulled away...he quickly re-attached himself to my sphincter.

I said OK... you want to play..I'll play..... "I want you to meet my little friend." so, I gave him a 4 barrel salute of the Anthem and spanked him... He loosened his grip of my sphincter and could not keep up..... When we got to the next traffic light he turned off..... I guess the enema I gave him didn't sit too well with him.

President: GTO Association of America

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I was coming home today from an argument with the girlfriend and I needed to release some stress so I was out hunting for anything that wanted to race when in my rearview mirror I see this Beemer just tailing me and trying to annoy me. We come to a red light and I see that it's an M3. So the light turns green and he slams it while I take off at a normal speed. (I gave him a head start) I wait until my RPM's are about 3K and punch it. No sooner than later I pass him in 2nd and saw less and less of his lights once in 3rd then 4th. I was doing more than a buck 20 when I creep to another red light. He pulls beside me and just laughs (Of embarrasment of course!) I ask him it that's the M3 and he says "yeah but it's convertible, if it would have been a hard top it would be faster". So I laughed and gave him the Anthem and took off again. This time he didn't attempt to keep up.

Just thought I would share. Poor kid.
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eclipse story...if it was a gs-t it was front wheel drive. gs-x is AWD and if he had all that much boost your car would had never had beaten him. Im not a fan of imports but i know a nasty turbo car with 30lbs of boost would probably run faster than 13's And the 04 highly dout 50hp would make the diffrence of PULLING on him that bad..sorry maybe he was lying. and the gto race nah he wasnt on it....
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Well if he were running with AWD on 30 boost he would be really quick off the dig, but as soon as you would get like 60+mph he would slow down fast. AWD just murders upper-end acceleration

Now if he was FWD with 30 boost... yeah.... he would have been pretty good competition.

So either he was lieing, or he spent a good amount of money on his car and has no clue how to drive.
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I think it was obvious he was lying. Remember, he was the one talkin smack. Telling me about thrashing Vettes. What was I gonna do? If you tell me you can take a vette with your 4 cylinder, I am not going to hand it to you on a silver platter. For real though guys, 30psi of turbine generated forced induction into an aluminum headed Mitsubishi Eclipse 4 cyl? I wont believe a stock turbine from Mitsubishi on that cheap car would even be capable of producing those kind of pressures. IF it could, or he replaced the unit, how long do you think something like that would even stay together? The Sube Sti is considered a high pressure system. I think its what 17psi, intercooled? I wasnt laying the details out there for any other reason that to explain why I took the guy on. He was a dork, and I clowned him!

As for the GTO, he didnt lie about anything as far as I am concerned and I was honest about it when I said I dont know what he did.
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Who cares what he had or didn't. If he had it, he looks the worse for it. He played the hand dealt him and the GTO won, it's that simple. Why piss on the guys parade? Be happy for him or go over to the losers forum and bitch slap them for losing with 30 lbs boost and regale them with how you could have done it better.
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Originally Posted by JMVorbeck
I gotta tell you 04 owners, you better watch us 05 guys. The only "MOD" I have is the valve stem caps that say GTO.
I have driven a few 05s at work and i am not impressed with them and they did not feel like they had anymore power than the 04. last week we went to the track with abunch of 05and 04s i guess it was just the drivers but me,
gtodealer, and gtodealer2 where runing faster than all the 05s but maybe one. i love the cars but i dont think that the 04s have to watch out. at least not in this area yet.
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