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Some believe the Saudis are waging war

There is a growing unrest in Saudi Arabia with their neighbor Iran. Some believe the Saudi's are intentionally allowing the oil market prices to drop to destroy the Iranian economy.

Iran subsidises oil prices to itself, Gas costs just .33 per gallon and just about all of the governments cash comes from oil revenue. Iran needs prices high to maintain it's standard of life. Right now inflation in Iran is in the double digit range and unemployment is in the 18-20 % range.

It costs Saudi Arabia 4-5 dollars per barrel of oil to extract and get to market it's oil. Iran is very inefficient and it takes 18-20 per barrel. The Saudis could by moving oil to the $30 per barrel range destroy Irans economy.

Why would they do this? Because of Irans goal to start another Persian Muslim empire. Iraq is Irans first goal. As soon as the US pulls out they will move in. Syria would likely participate and assimilate as part of the new Persian empire. This leaves Saudi Arabia as the next target in the crosshairs. The Saudis know this and are terrified so they have started fighting this war the only way they have. Economically with oil.
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My brother in law is dating an Iranian woman. They all refer to themselves as Persian. She still has a lot of family over there. The vast majority of the population can't stand their nutcase President. Yet there's nothing much they can do because the church and religious zealots are ready to kill anybody who disagrees with them in public. As for the last Presidential election -- it was basically stolen.

Iran is the real wild card in the Middle East. With Saddam out, they're going all out to keep Iraq as unstable as possible. Now they're teaming with the Russians to form an OPEC-style cartel for natural gas. As for the price of oil, I hope you're right -- but the damn speculators are back in force, which is why oil why over $59 a bbl this week.
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The entire Mid-East are all tied together, they all sleep in the same room. Tied together not only with oil, but the biggest tie is religion. Religion drives everything they do. This war that is being waged on us is a religious one, having Islam shoved down our throats. Oil is the key weapon. They are wanting us to choke on it. That oil is the one weapon that we will shoot ourselves in the foot with.

We will at some point engage with Iran. When we do, that weapon will play a key role on how we deal with them.

I honestly do not have any faith in our military leadership. Our soldiers OH YEA. The brass have proven time and time again through their miscalculations in Iraq with their blunders. When this confrontation with Iran goes down, I have serious doubts they can effectively secure oil passage and protection. The king has a pretty good turnover rate of commanders during the last few years. It worries me.

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The Saudi's will end up being our downfall. Yet another dictatorship / corrupt monarchy we have jumped into bed with because they are docile and willing serve our purpose as long as we allow them to remain in "power".

  • Nguyễn Văn Thiệu
  • Marcos
  • Noriega
  • Pahlavi
  • Hussein
  • Saudi Royal Family

The poor among the Arab population, have a valid point here. We have a pretty poor track record of putting principles before economic/security interests.

Sort of hard to pretend you're the shining example of truth, justice, etc when you run with the crowd listed above.
Self determination when it suits us. These people may be dirt poor and uneducated but they're not completely stooopid.

Don't get me wrong. I have no sympathy. We cannot fix their problems. We should not try. The best we can do is stay true to the principles that this country was founded upon and avoid becoming a target.

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It would do us well to remember that the people in the middle east are not like us. For thousands of years they have lived in feudal systems where each clan ruled their little piece of the turf, and the clans were split predominantly among ethnic lines. They are still that way today. Freedom and democracy are foreign concepts to them. They'll band together temporarily to fight an outside enemy, but as soon as that threat is over they go back to fighting among themselves. Always have, always will, and we're not going to change thousands of years of their history in a few weeks, months, or even years.
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