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  • 69matadored ·
    BearGFR, I was looking at your car pics on Ultimate GTO, I also have a 69 with Parchment interior. Which supplier did you use for the front seats ? were you happy with the quality and fit ?

    thanks Steve, 69matadored
    soberjoe ·
    Hey man, I have received a quote from a Toronto-area shop to rebuild my '69 400, going with a 468 stroker.

    If I was to send you the quote here in a pm would you be willing to offer feedback?

    I am very new to this game, and would really appreciate an experienced eye giving their point of view.

    Let me know.

    vikeman ·
    Rear quarter window hardware
    I am looking for a company that sells the hardware that goes on the single hole of my brand new rear quarter window. I broke both trying to take the old ones off the old glass. The hardware is what attaches the window to the regulator. A clip holds it in place and I have both clips for the two windows. This is for my 1967 Tempest 2 door post. Any help would be appreciated.i have looked all over the internet with no luck. Thanks in advance!
    gtoearl ·
    Good morning sir. I’ve got a leak, exhaust leak on my tripower intake manifold gasket. Not sure what happened but it’s blown out the gasket on the passenger side crossover exhaust port. Makes a hell of a racket and is bothersome. Anyway I’m going to change the gasket here in a day or two. My question is what gasket do you recommend. I’ve been leaning towards the Fel-Pro 1233 gasket with the crossover block off plates. I do want block off the plates . I have some stainless steel sheet metal that I was going to fabricate some block off plates that match the ones that come in the 1233 gasket kit, so they would last longer before blowing out. Some of the blogs I’ve read had indicated that these gaskets are not for stock D port heads. Not sure what they mean by that. I have number 16 heads, 1968, with the 2.11 intake valves. Like I said one blog said the port size on this gasket is too large for stock heads. Any recommendation will be appreciated. Thank you.
    vera_jr ·
    Do you know if the purple wire on the ignition switch should be "hot" when the key is in the Start position, or is it only the yellow wire that should be hot???
    I'm having a starting issue.
    Thurber73 ·
    Hi Bear,
    I have a 1968 LeMans with a 350 converted from 2 barrel to a 4 barrel otherwise completely stock. Currently 2.56 gears eventually to be changed to nothing lower than 3.55. I am replacing my tired st300 trans with a rebuilt th350 with slight shift kit. My question is would I do alright with a basic lower stall torque converter from say Summit or Monster Trans that are undoubtedly built for chevy's? I am not looking to beat on the car beyond the very rare stomp on it and go situation.

    Thanks for any help you can give me

    komodo ·
    Hi Bear,

    Do you have a recommendation for a Pontiac tuner here in Dallas? I live in Grapevine and am having issues with my engine (400 with Ram Air III top end & Qjet) getting really hot. It's idles Ok once you get it started and struggles to start back up after warm. We're pretty sure it's a combination of timing and Qjet tuning. Tuning a Qjet and timing is out of my expertise; if you of it you know anyone who can do this would be very helpful. Thanks for your time. - Wayne 817-319-0798
    gtoearl ·
    Hey Bear, Please take a look at my latest post....Distributor issues..
    I seem to remember a post by you, I think, related to dist. issues and fixes for it... springs with kit #s and other info... thanks for your help...
    pbertrand65GTO ·
    Hey Bear,
    I need to paint the front wheel wells for my 65, but I'm not sure what to use. I know it's black, but I want to match the factory as much as possible.
    Do you have a recommendation, and can I just paint it out of a can, or should I have it sprayed?
    Dmangto ·
    Hey bear my name is daryl I live in rockwall,tx I have a 66 gto had front end and motor overhauled now I have major issues with my engine. It's been messed up bad numbers matching I'm sick anyways. Do know of someone in the rockwall, garland area that isn't not backed up that can work on the engine. Thanks daryl
    jetstang ·
    What is a running Desoto Hemi 330 worth, with a tranny? Buddy has one pulled out, thought it would be cool for a ratrod. Don't know how good it runs, but he's putting it on craigslist, so may want to jump as he doesn't really know either.. It has a 1 barrel on it.
    Instg8ter ·
    hey Bear, always impressed by your concise and informed posts regarding our Engines and store it in my ever growing knowledge of the intricacy's of them. was wondering if you get a chance you might be able to run my engine specs through your software to see what kind of numbers i might expect.

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