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  • foreevergoat ·
    Hi geeteeohguy, I have a problem with the passing gear in my 65 GTO it has none! Do you know where I could find a kickdown switch for my car it has a two speed st300 trans and a carter afb carb. Also would you happen to have a picture of the kickdown switch showing how it is attached to wiring and to carb? Shore would help. Thanks!
    foreevergoat ·
    Hi geeteeohguy, I always look for your advise whenever I have a question concerning my 65 conv. You know your goats! Could you help me with a project I am hoping to get done? I want to repainted the grills in my65 but not sure of removal and reinstall procedure. Looks like the rad support is blocking access to the top four bolts that secure the grill in position. Is there a specific procedure for removing and reinstalling these grills? And maybe you could suggest the proper paint to be used to repainted them? Would really appreciate your expertise! Thank you
    geeteeohguy ·
    Earl, you need to get a dial back timing light, run the engine at 3000 rpm, and dial back the light so that your timing indicator on the pulley is at 'O'. Then look at the light. 48 degrees is normal and is factory specified. On today's poor gas, you may need to limit the vacuum advance (by adding a bushing---I use the tip of a nylon vacuum tee slipped over the advance rod) to around a total of 38-40 degrees. If it runs fine, doesn't ping, and doesn't surge at cruise, leave it alone!
    gtoearl ·
    Hi again,

    We've talked before about my 66 tri power GTO. took it to a local shop to adjust and work the center carb. I left them with their recommendation I get a new distributor as my total advance was around 48 to 50 degrees. You and BearGFR and Lars discussed rebuilding my original dist. I got nervous and ordered a new OEM distributor. I haven't installed it yet, because I don't see a limit bushing on it. should their be one? I'm still a little confused on the total advance calculation. I think you add two numbers? Right now I have 6 1/2 degrees w/o Vac initial
    19 degrees w/ vac initial . 29 or so degrees at 3000 rpm for wide open advance. The idle seems really right. idles good at 650 or so. But overall the car runs good. Concerned about the total advance being too high. Do you add the 19 and 29 to get total advance? that would put it at around 48 degrees.Thanks for all your help with my issue ! I realty appreciate ALL you guys out there.
    ope28 ·
    Hello. Finally back to working on my GTO. I'm putting all the vacuum lines on the car. This vacuum modulator line that I bought has me scratching my head. In one of your posts you said that you had a picture of your original line, but I can't find it. Any chance you can repost or send a pic to [email protected]? Thanks!
    georgegervin44 ·
    Howdy! Would love your thoughts, as well as what to look for on this specific car when I look at her tomorrow.

    1967 Pontiac GTO 1967 GTO Real Deal 400 V8 2 Owner Paperwork LOOK For Sale | OldRide.com
    jgotzens ·
    Been reading this thread and still a little confused. First, my 66 GTO is a 389 Tri Power with 670 heads. Right now running 93 octane (highest around other than 100 race or without an additive.) It runs good and I don't hear any detonation. But after reading GEETEEOHGUY's story maybe I'm just not hearing it. I have a drop top and it's down all the time so who knows. My flowmasters could be drowning it out. I know 670's need special attention to run on a 389 and they seem to have the right cam/piston set up since it all runs good. I haven't checked the timing myself, but the guy place I bought it from said it was close to 9 degrees rather than 6. It idles fine but does "clunk" a little when I put the His/hers shifter into t gear so it's probably can be backed down some. With all that said, I'm wondering even if everything "seems "OK" I shouldn't go to 100 octane or an additive to 93 just to be safe.
    rpontiacy ·
    You must stay quite busy trying to stay up with all these questions. I have that 65 tempest custom with the 3 speed and would like to get someone to post a picture of the 65 gto 3 speed and linkage set up. Thanks. Rick
    geeteeohguy ·
    The '77' is the last two digits on the '65 GTO and 421 head. I have a pair of them on my '65 GTO. The '76' heads your are talking about are big car 389 heads, with a compression rating of 10.5:1 instead of the 10.75:1 of the '77's.
    G t o ·
    Hello, have you ever came across a set of heads that have a casting # of 77 (casting code) however when I opened the valve cover the number on the inside the casting # is 9778776? Any idea what these are". Thanks in advance for your help.
    GTOmanjohn ·
    Hello Geeteeoguy, I can tell you know your stuff and had to send you a message. I just purchased a 66 GTO convertible and it's burgundy. Looks like your car is also Burgundy. Any chance you can send me some photos of your car? I have a metallic red interior and a white top. My email is [email protected]
    John / St Louis
    poocher ·
    Hi Geeteeoguy! Thanks in advance for you help on the forum. You are quite knowlegeable. I need a little guidance. I purchased a 1965 GTO with a 1968 XH 400 in it. It has manual steering but I would like to convert it to power steering. How should I go about that? What parts would you recommend? Paul.
    Dmangto ·
    Hey geeteeoguy one question my 66 gto is a hardtop with the no. 17 in the vin were any of these made with vinyl tops I thought only the sport coupe was with vinyl. I still have original chalk mark on firewall saying vinyl. Thanks again for your knowledge
    Sully ·
    Hi Geeteeoguy, my name is Bill & my moniker is Sully. At your convenience, would you call me at 859 652 6726. I'm about to insulate my floor pan with the material from Loews. Question is about the thin rubber gasket that is running wires from inner firewall to the trunk. Should a gasket be present on psgr side of car? You may text if you like. Thanks a bunch, you are one of the "go to guys". Have a great weekend & thanks again.
    Dmangto ·
    Hey sir my name is daryl I go by dmangto anyways I've seen your answers with a lot of knowledge please answer this for me please I have a 66 gto 4 speed I have a vacum gauge but no tach with Standard tran wouldn't their be a tach stock please advise thanks in advance for your advice thanks d
    Bill H ·
    Thanks for the kind words about the car...didn't want to hijack the guys thread.
    I'm excited about her....picked her up from a friend that got her at an auction 3 years ago and he's done nothing with it. It's been in a climate controlled garage and the 8 miles I drove her home is the most she's seen in the last few years.
    geeteeohguy ·
    Len, the stuff was an asbestos-type cloth sleeve that a friend had. He got if from a tractor supply house. AMES performance also might have it. You could also use Kevlar, etc. You are correct in that you must keep those wires from getting hot, melting, and then shorting out!!! Good luck.........
    olde-goat ·
    Hello Jeff, I recall reading a post a while back regarding the tube that the solenoid and battery wires are routed through the exhaust manifold on a 65. I believe it was you that mentioned and I am going from memory that you were able to pick up a liner that worked to keep the wires from melting. Not sure if this was your post, if yes can you give more detail on where you were able to source and what the material was called. Thanks Len
    yesteryear ·

    I am new to this site and am not a computer person at all. I see that you are knowledgable about the 389 tri-powers. I have just had a 1966 tri-power rebuilt,
    engine and carbs. all to stock specs, motor was honed and bored to 30 over.
    I am having trouble getting the motor to idle. I messed with the timing a bit today and have her idling but very rough. The mechanic that I used to assemble the motor after machining told me not to worry about hooking up the vacuum advance on the distributor to the back of the center carb, just to cap off the distributor. I am using that port atthe back of the center carb for the modulator to the tranny, 350 stage 2 350 built by Monster Trans & performance. Can you tell me what pieces I seem to be missing in this puzzle. Is it necssary to have the vacuum to the distributor hooked up to the back of the center carb. Any and all help would make my Christmas. Thanks, MIKE
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