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  • 1967GTO_AL ·
    OMGosh I’m so sorry I never replied about the ‘2510 motor I asked about. Almost two years ago. I guess I really need to get on these forums more often.

    Feel free to give me a call if you’d like to chat about it.

    Alan Swearingen

    At least that way I won’t forget to get back on here.

    In short, I was looking for an XS motor for my RA GTO when a friend of mine told me about this XS motor, supposedly rebuilt and ready to run. So I bought it. Appears to be as described and has the correct 997 heads. I’ve checked and it does have the 4 bolt mains and all matching components.

    I now have three 1967 ram air motors for manual transmission cars and not one of these are the same.

    XS 9786133 670x oct ‘66 (heads are original to the car, dated J146 & J286)
    YR 9786133 670. Nov 66
    XS 9792510 997 D247 heads cast D267 & E037 (or something like that)
    tflemin ·
    Hi PH.
    After much thought, I am considering selling my 1972 WW5. Any suggestions on the best place to list or market. Don't want to bother with a high-end auction and want the car to go to the right person that will appreciate what it is.
    Tim Fleming
    Chopper88% ·
    i am getting mixed info. on my swap ,please set me straight, I have a 66gto & am putting in 69 428 with a 66 gto tri power I have the 69 balancer & 69 timing cover & need to know what brackets & pulleys to purchase to make it look correct other than the 11 bolt water pump. is all of this stuff available ??
    70Koza ·
    Hello Pinion Head. GTO newbe here. Do you know of any sources for NOS parts. My '70 GTO has a Dashtop manufactured center console, and it is causing the automatic shifter to bind. I cannot go into 1st. I would, of course prefer a NOS console, but I am open to options.

    Thanks, by the way I am in Lubbock, where are you?
    backinhs ·
    Hi there,

    You were helpful in an earlier topic. http://www.gtoforum.com/f50/rally-gauge-1971-lemans-93025/

    I was hoping I could used your expertise again. I'm looking at 2 gauge clusters:
    1. looks to be for my 1971 lemans but appears to have a broken contact point on the back for the fuel gauge. I don't know if this is an easy fix. 1969 1970 1971 1972 Pontiac GTO LeManns Rally Gauge Cluster

    2. looks in better condition but I'm not sure it's a proper fit. The speedo is different and has 2 bulbs where the brake light is. Not sure if I can use my existing speedo w/ 2 lights. 1972 GTO Grand Prix Speedometer with Gauges 400 455 HO | eBay

    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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