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  • PontiacJim ·
    Great! Sounds like you got it. Not to hard to work on a Q-jet once you dig in yourself. I never played around with Holley carbs, but I never had an issue rebuilding/adjusting a Q-jet so never had a need for a Holley. LOL
    PontiacJim ·
    Your welcome. You don't know unless you ask. If any issues or need more advice, just post it, and I'll do my best to get you through it.

    hog1340 ·
    Hey Roqet
    Where in NC are you? I'm in Clayton. I am still working on it but i removed the original in my 67 and install Vintage Air. I really never took the time to get the original system fully functional. I fixed a few leaks add r12 never got it real cold. Swapped out the dryer and used all of the green o rings to convert to 134 and again not real cold. At that time i was in NJ so just opened the windows and survived. But the car has now been off the road for about 12 years but soon back on. She is almost ready and will be on the road this spring. Haven't charged up the Vintage air yet, will also happen in spring. The GTO is in Smithfield if you ever want to see the vintage air setup, take a trip over.

    Later Ed
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