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Greg Moran
Nocturne Blue
It was my dads high school graduation gift from his parents. Only 3 owners. My uncle bought it new, sold it to a friend when he went to Vietnam and bought it back when he came back then my dad got it. Just recently completed restoration. I don’t know that it qualifies as number matching, although I still have all of the parts to make it number matching. When I rebuilt the motor I put Manley rods and Manley crank, Ross pistons, changed the cam to a little more duration and a tad more lift, Edelbrock aluminum heads, and aluminum intake. Sent the intake and carburetors off and had the carburetors rebuilt and restored back to factory specs and all new lines ran to them and installed on intake. MSD distributor, coil and box. Box is mounted behind glove compartment so you can’t see it. Also, changed to a 12 bolt rearend because I didn’t think the 10 bolt could handle the horsepower. Rearend is a Moser with 9” Ford axles, Auburn gear limited slip with Baer Classic Series disc brakes. Everything else is put back to “new” original pieces. I am very proud of this car and it will always be in my family. I have great memories in this car from when I was a kid.


12 Bolt rearend with 9” Ford axles, Auburn Gear limited slip, Baer Classic Series Disc Brakes, original Muncie 4 speed, Original 389, 3 dueces, Edelbrock aluminum heads, Manley rods, Manley crankshaft, Comp Cam and MSD dristributor, coil and box.
Restored back to “new” blue. All gauges and clock have been rebuilt. Have mechanical gauge panel down by shifter like it was back in the 60’s and 70’s, tach is mounted in steering column.
Nocturne Blue with so many coats of clear I can’t remember. Body work and Paint was done by Metzlers in Gainesville, Tx
Aftermarket radio that is stock appearing, 2- 4” woofers with midrange and tweeters
LED dash lights and some lights, incandescent head lights, tail/brake and turn signals and running lights.
Flow master 3” exhaust system with splitters on rear
Bilstien Shocks, stock springs
Wheel and Tire
14” Cragers, 50’s on the rear and 60’s on the front


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