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Charcoal grey / originally Plum Mist
Last registered in 1987, stored in a barn until the 2nd owner bought it, bought by me only a few months later. PHS doc 242, Plum Mist / Parchment, 4 speed car. At some point, I'm guessing mid 70's to 80's, someone installed a sbc and auto tranny. Unknown where the original engine and trans are, working on that. Believed to have been a car sold in NY and kept in NY all it's life.
1967 Pontiac GTO (Charcoal grey / originally Plum Mist)


Originally it was the WT (W) 335hp 400, and a 4 speed. I bought it empty. I do have on a stand a '71 GTO 300hp YS, .30 over, 96 heads, all recently rebuilt and running. It has a RA IV 041 cam in it now...hmmm. I have an Edelbrock RPM manifold, 750cfm man choke carb, HEI, and headers in the garage. I also have a bone stock TH400, and a TH350 w/ a B&M shift kit. Manual steering and brakes under this hood....I think it was ordered either on the cheap, or to race.
Originally rally gauges, tach still there, temp and oil are gone. Someone screwed a set of Stewert/Warner gauges right to the woodgrain dash. Guess everyone was high in the 70's and 80's? Missing the radio and headliner, otherwise it's extremely complete in parchment, just needs a cleaning. Came w/o a console. Options included the soft ray windshield, pushbutton radio w/manual antenna, custom f/r, and rear center, rally gauges, and that's it.
One repaint, wavy 80's style bondo 1/4's, ready for love but really not too bad. Someone drilled the hood for hoodpins...yuck. Looks like only 1 repaint, you can still see the Plum Mist on the inner trunk lid, and the front of the inner doors, and under some of the charcoal paint where it's chipped. Bumpers are beat, rest of the trim is surprisingly very nice. Not show, but nice, and complete.
Me when I'm sitting in it, pretending to be cruising.
All factory, Ride & Handling Pkg, 3.55 Safe-T-Track rear. Plans include new shocks, bushings, brakes, steering, etc...of course.
Wheel and Tire
Originally Rally 1's and F70x14 wide oval reds; gone. It had rusty rally II's on it and a set of ols Ansen aluminum 14" slots too. Of course, common sense took a back seat when I ordered up wheels and tires BEFORE other needed parts....but hey, the "look" will give me inspiration to keep at it....275/50R15 on 15x8 drag lite (Jeg's copies), 205/60R15 on 15x7 drag lite (Jeg's copies). I will do what I have to to stuff the rears


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