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Dan Miller
Lemans Convertible
I found the car on Craigslist in Bismark ND in March of 2018 and U-Hauled it to Florida.
It had no engine or transmission but came with a '77 400 and TH 350. The interior was out but luckily all the door panels and seats were scattered about. I believe the last time the car was on the road was in 1978. Someone pulled the engine and let it set. It had a 1978 North Dakota tag on it. The other lucky thing is that in all those years it must have been in garages and warehouses. The only rust was in the bottom of the front fenders (typical), a little surface rust at the base of the passenger side windshield and a little surface rust in the trunk. All the floor pans were perfect. It has the original paint that polished up nicely but unfortunately it has about a dozen small dents here and there with the worst one is a crease about 18 inches behind the drivers door. it messed up the ridge at the top of the panel and extends down to just above the rocker panel. I have worked on it for 4 winters. I found a good 1969 400 in Gainsville and hooked it up to the TH350. It is finally on the road


1969 Pontiac 400 and 1977 TH350
New carpets and restored dash and restored Cameo Ivory door sills. The original seats and door panels cleaned up like new. I replaced the door panel boards.
Original Montero Red paint polished and wet sanded in spots came out beautiful.
RAM AIR headers and 2-1/2 exhaust
Stock except someone put a set of front springs in the rear. It sets nice in the rear and I added the rubber insulators at the top and bolted the bottom down.
Wheel and Tire
Tiger Paw white walls and Rally II wheels with a red edge so I can use my favorite 1957 Plymouth wheel covers or pop them off and use the trim ring and caps for a different look.


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