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TH400, Factory A/C, "YS" 400, Vinyl top
My Dad and I bought this car together while I was attending college. It turned out to be the last car that he and I would do that together on before he died about 4 years later. I started restoring it in about 1984-85. Finally, after all these years, I'm very close to having it finished and on the road again.
1969 Pontiac GTO (Black)


Number's matching YS 400. Rotating assembly consists of 4.25" stroke crank, Eagle forged H-beam 6.800" rods, KB/Icon forged pistons. Engine now displaces 461 cubic inches. Valve train includes a special grind Comp Cams solid roller and lifters, Scopion 1.65:1 rocker arms, Comp Cams stud girdles. Heads are genuine #722 Ram Air IV's. At break in, the engine made 493 HP at 5400 rpm, 540 lb.ft of torque at 2800 rpm.
Update: One of the #722 heads developed a crack in an exhaust port after being in service for a few months. I tried once to have it repaired, but the repair didn't hold, so I replaced the Ram Air IV's with a new set of custom ported alumninum Edelbrock round port heads. I got them through Central Vriginia Machine Service, the port work was done by Dave Wilcox. I figure they've added an additional 30-40 HP as a result.
Replaced the factory a/c system with a unit from Classic Auto Air in Grapevine, Texas. I did this because the engine I've built for it now is marginal on the amount of manifold vacuum it provides for operating accessories. I also replaced the original warning lights and clock with factory Rally gauges and in-dash tach. All else remains as original.
Removed the vinyl top and changed the color from the factory Palladium Silver to PPG DBC 9700 black. Added reproduction Ram Air system.
Replaced the original AM radio with an AM/FM stereo unit from Performance Years. It also has inputs for external devices such as an MP3 player and CD changer. The radio is mounted in the factory location. I chose this particular unit because it's the only one I know of that does not require cutting the divider bar out of the dash radio bezel opening.
Fully articulated and adjustable upper and lower tubular control arms (rear), Moser Ford 9" rear, Spohn sway bars front and rear. Strange double adjustable shocks (rear) and single adjustable shocks (front). Urethane bushings on the front.
Wilwood 4-piston disc brakes on all 4 corners.
Wheel and Tire
Genuine Pontiac Rallye II's, 15x7, with BFG 245/60-15's on all four corners.

Update: The car is now wearing reproduction Rallye II's from Specialty Wheel, 15x7's on the front and 15x8's on the rear. The front tires are still the BFG's, but the rear tires are now Nitto NT555R Drag Radials, P275/60-15's. They hook nicely.



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