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Lemans Sport
Verdoro Green (factory color)
Bought the car around 2000 for $900. It's the Lemans Sport having bucket seats, console, low fuel warning light & speed warning speedo. It is beat, but it had the 350CI and 3-speed manual trans - which is why I bought it. I fixed a few things to get it legal and drove it a while. Then bought a 1972 400CI and did a rebuild of the engine, brakes, front & rear suspension, and a new clutch set-up. Oil pressure went south on me and the car was parked in 2013. Decided to do rebuild #2, but frame-off, top to bottom & front to back. Not a "restoration," but more a "resto-mod" leaning towards the mid-1977's era/drag car theme. This will be a multi-year project and I do most my own work on it. 455CI, TKO-600, Ford 9" w/3.89's, VFN fiberglass nose (no hood) & rear bumper, 10" x 15" rear rims, 8" x 15" fronts.
1968 Pontiac Lemans Sport (Verdoro Green (factory color))


My 1973 455CI. Thought I got a deal for $300. It was stuck, but this happens when they sit outside under cover. Pulled the heads and it looked like the engine was used as a boat anchor. Thick rust & corrosion in all cylinders. Pulled the pan and all bearings were wiped out. The crank got so hot that it warped. Thought all was lost but managed to free the pistons. Took a .060" overbore to clean up. Everything in the shortblock is new. Eagle crank, forged rods & pistons. I worked the 7K3 heads and my machinist installed Ferrea RA IV valves, 3-angle valve job, with matching hardware. Making my own dual quad tunnel ram to top it off. It's all rebuilt and ready to go but in pieces until I'm ready to get the car on the road. Hoping to see about 475 HP/500+ torque and more on nitrous.
Some early pics of the disassembly. Tearing it all apart. Got my share of the "usual" body work, but the car is generally solid, just not well cared for. It will be matt black when I'm done and custom body mods & graphics to go with it.
I'm thinkin' shifting the TKO 5-speed falls in the category of "In-Car Entertainment." Especially when I'm blowing past an LS powered GTO.
Sand blasted, POR-15, and Eastwood frame coating on the insides. Modified the frame with additional plating to strengthen the factory suspension mounts. Did a lot of fabrication to the rear suspension set-up. Extra reinforcing, my own "no-hop" bars, tubular control arms, 4" lift kit, reversed sway bar, and more. The front suspension got BB 454 HD front springs, Jeep Cherokee steering box, disc brakes, HD sway bar, and new parts. I also boxed the side rails. I will expand on all this in a later topics so all can see what individual mods I did. Chassis is done and body is now bolted to it with polygraphite bushings.
Wheel and Tire
Using the Trucker D steel rims made for 4-wheelers. I like the look. In order to use them, I had a local fab shop make a custom ring spacer to fit inside the 4-wheel drive hub center hole of the rim and the outside diameter of the axle hub. Fits perfect. NEVER use the lug nut studs alone to support your wheel as they WILL sheer off in time and your tire/rim will exit the vehicle. You need the support of the center hub.



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