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will be black cherry pearl
I bought this car from a local car dealer for $3500 in 1993 the car had been redone by a priviate person and was painted burgandy with black vinyl top looked great the motor blew a piston on a test drive and was rebuilt to stock in a local garage I was looking at it for several weeks then was gone{for rebuild} for several more weeks.when it came back i was not going to take a chance again and bought it.I drove it in the summer only.I stored it in the winter in my barn 5 years ago the barn fell during a wind storm[no insurance]since then i built a dream garage and started a ground up on my goat it stalled for a while but i have been stock pileing parts and will been hitting it hard in a few weeks after one more parts order.So far i did refresh the short block and heads.The frame has been cleaned & repaired rusted out body mount holes and por15 has been applyed and hung from my cieling in the garage I have repaired all the damage that barn had done to the main body new floor pans and por 15 applyed to floor and zero rust every else80% of rust repair is done.
1970 Pontiac gto (will be black cherry pearl)


Will stay stock but am going with the 68 color like my first gto pearl white was black
under construction
have disk conversion kits front and rear upgraded rear arms all else is on the next parts order
Wheel and Tire
i have the orginal rally two wheels in really nice shape but still undecided



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