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General Information

GTO 2 door Sedan/Post
Originally Pine Hurst Metallic Green, Black Interi
389 4 barrel, No PS,PB,AC. 4Spd, Tach, M20 close ratio gears
Bought the car about 20 years ago for $3k from a guy that had to sell it due to a divorce.. It had been sitting covered up under a car port with (3) tarps for 9 years. The previous owner said his best friend died under the car due to a jack stand accident. He never had the motivation after that to work on the car, so he parked it. He had put about 1/2in. of Vaseline on the dash before parking it.. said he read that it would keep the dash from cracking over a long period of time.. He was right, I still have the original dash in mint condition today. I got it home and got it running in a couple days.. was the fastest car I had ever driven. I drove it a couple years until I side swiped a No Parking post after I had been drinking.. I sent to paint soon after.
I tore the car apart 17 years ago after repossessing it from a low budget paint shop that held it hostage for about a year with little progress and $7k in their pockets. Decided to do a ground up restoration myself. Then life happened, (2) kids actually. Project was put on the backburner for a while with minor tinkering here and there when wife got mad at me and I hid out in the garage. Wasn't until about 4 years ago I started going crazy on the build.
1964 Pontiac GTO 2 door Sedan/Post (Originally Pine Hurst Metallic Green, Black Interi)


Motor is off being built right now. Will update pictures when it arrives. Aluminum radiator by Cold Case. Headers are Dougs.
Built a make-ship booth in my garage and proceeded to paint all the interior gloss black, and the jams and firewall Cyber Gray Metallic from a 2014 Corvette..(looks awesome in the California sunshine). Refurbished the entire dash assembly and added some LED lighting. Upgraded the entire car with American Autowire kit.
Frame off rotisserie. Used gray Extreme Liner with added Metallic pigment for under coating. Chassis was sandblasted and powder coated satin black along with all suspension components. Used CPP big brake system for front and rear disks. Suspension is RideTech Cool ride in these pictures, have since changed out to Shockwave system with Strong Arm set-up. Car is at paint right now. Will update pictures when it arrives
JL audio system is purchased. No head unit. All Bluetooth. Will have dual battery set-up, to help run compressors in the rear and audio system.
Suspension was originally done about 12 years ago with the RideTech CoolRide system with the "keeping it stock" thing in mind. I have since got more interested in autocross so I will be upgrading the front suspension with Shockwave system.
Wheel and Tire
Wheel and tires are undecided on and have not been purchased yet. The rollers shown in the pictures are off a stock 2002 Camaro. 18"



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