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LeMans GTO
Originally sold in Finland as new, so never driven on US soil. I am 6th owner, all the original documentry has followed with the car. This had a bit rough history, but it has been slowly returning back to life.
Second owner bought it in -72 with a busted engine (326) and found a totaled -65 GTO (also original Fin-car) and bought it to get the engine, tranny and the rear axle to the LeMans.
In 1975 he thought that it's too big and too thirsty. Back at the times large American cars we're not that popular for their relatively massive fuel consumption. So the fella decided to lighten the LeMans up a bit. So, he sawed off the rear end and replaced all the body panels of the front with a glassfiber-tub-of-a-sort.
He had the car scaled and managed to lose a "massive" 180kg's... Back in -75 this car was none the less a 2-door American luxury coupe, but practically worthless after the transformation to Frankenstein's monsters and Quasimodos love child.

Surprisingly the second owner kept the car up to 2008 or so. He re-welded the rear end back on the car, not so well but it was there. As being an old man already back then he decided to let the car go to someone who can put it back in one piece.
The third owner had it checked back to roadworthy and made a race-look-a-like out of it. He then sold it forward to a fella who just drove it for a while and sold it forward to a guy who sells used cars but also repairs and re-sells crashed cars.
So, this fifth owner sawed off the rear end again and put it back so that it's in where it should be. Unfortunately he repainted the car as bright red instead of the original darker red colour which would've been cool. But, never the less, the bodywork is now well done.

I swapped our completely restored -39 Ford Pick Up for this and drove it for a month or so before the winter. Engine was breathing heavily and as I knew it i already knew that the engine was going to be rebuilt.
Turned out that it required .030 os pistons and new valves only. Original bearings would've been in perfect condition but we swapped them anyway. New valve stem seals for exh. valves so now I can use the pump fuel without the lead additive.
Then we had a serious conversation with my beloved wife wether I should buy a .308 for hunting and some tactical shit, or a Holley Sniper for the car.
We mutually decided to get the .308 next year and fix the car. Haven't really been sorry for the decision! Sniper is just unbelivable! the throttle response is out of this world, the engine works the proper way no matter the rpm. And the fuel consumption. Runs with fumes!
1965 Pontiac LeMans GTO (Red)


389 with Sniper + 4spd Muncie
Radio, spekers and an amp.
Wheel and Tire



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