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  1. 1964-1974 Tempest, Lemans & GTO General Discussion
    Would like anyone to post a picture of a stock 64 windshield stamping/etching so that I can supply the correct information for my replacement windshield to the manufacturer. I do have some of the info but not the complete marking. Thanks.
  2. Bought Brake drums

    1964-1974 GTO's and Parts Wanted
    Would like to buy front and rear STOCK brake drums for a 64 GTO. Also looking for drums for metallic brakes along with the metallic rear brake shoes.
  3. 1964-1974 GTO's and Parts Wanted
    I am in need of the braces / brackets that are attached to the tail light panel and the trunk floor for a 64 GTO. There are 2 on each side. Mine were destroyed in an accident many years ago, I have had the car since 1973 and have finally started the restoration. I know it's about time!! I am...
  4. 1964-1974 Tempest, Lemans & GTO General Discussion
    Hey, First post. I have a P2.93 stamped on the back side of the passenger side rear axle and assume that is the ratio and trying to figure out how that may relate to the differential. On the differential there's the number 92 written by hand in a yellow marker that seems to me like a marker...
  5. 1964-1974 GTO's and Parts Wanted
    Looking for 1964 LeMans Rear Seat (black if possible) Thanks
  6. 1964-1974 Tempest/LeMans/GTO Tech/Electric Wiring
    Hi All - long time follower needing some help. I'm in the process of pulling out the 326/2 and ST300 from our '66 Tempest convertible, with the intention of swapping in a '64 389/4 and (eventually) 200-4r transmission. Question: the 389 has no starter (as it was mounted to previous trans from...
  7. Desert Tempest

    Our 1964 Pontiac Tempest Custom, purchased in Reno, NV at Winkler Motors.
1-7 of 7 Results