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    Hello, new to the forum and GTOs in general. I picked up a 2005 GTO not too long ago and am interested in getting the SAP fascia replica from GTOG8TA, but I'm concerned about how difficult it will be to paint match the fascia to my GTO or how much it will cost to have it done professionally. The...
  2. 2004-2006 GTO General Discussion
    I am going this weekend to look at a procharge 2005 GTO. What are some of the key issues I should be looking for during the test drive? The owner is a friend of my father's and has been fairly open with the issues. The car has been sitting for about 10 years with only ~1,000 miles total...
  3. 05 LS 2 Goat 6-speed

    05 LS 2 Goat 6-speed

    Mostly stock LS 2 with a few minor bolt-on mods (intake, exhaust, shifter, etc.)
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    Just had a bath
  5. My new 2005 GTO

    My new 2005 GTO

  6. My new 2005 GTO

    My new 2005 GTO