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  1. Exterior Discussions
    Recently did a 3 hour drive and anytime I put my foot down the exterior plastics rattle. I know the plastic strips on the roof are a little noise and the plastic inbetween the side windows rattles. Is there anything else that would make that sound? How can I fix those parts?
  2. 2004-2006 GTO General Discussion
    All the plastic bits on the exterior have been rattling at speed. I recently did a roadtrip from Albuqurque to Las Cruces and anytime I hit 110mph or above this terrible droning sound would appear and tbe only thing I can think of that could be rattling like that is the plastic strips on the...
  3. Exterior Discussions
    I want to install a exterior tach on the hood, similar to the '69. Does anyone have any suggestions on running the wiring through the hood?
  4. exterior

    exterior pic
  5. exterior pic

    recent exterior pic, remember they are dusty pics from sitting.
  6. Pulling it out of storage!

    This was in the end of winter. Notice the front mount intercooler!
  7. exterior pic

    Like I said, the car is dusty from sitting.
  8. exterior pic

    Car is dusty. Has been parked for about 4 months now.
1-10 of 10 Results