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  1. 1964-1974 Tempest, Lemans & GTO Engine Compartment
    I would like to know what is the best manifold gasket to use and what part number
  2. Member Introductions
    Yooo new on here just copped a 73 lemans hard top coupe wit a 428 swap? Th400 trans? Couple things to get in line but it sounds strong!
  3. In the News
    So I bought this lemans a few months ago and haven’t had the time to get to it. However upon picking up the car it wouldn’t start. Previous owner said carburetor was going bad and he had no gas to pour in it to fire it up. So long story short. I ordered a new 2 barrel carb instead of rebuilding...
  4. 1964-1974 Tempest/LeMans/GTO Restoration Projects
    Update, put a set of cragars on it temproarily. To move it around, pulled the plugs out and two were still the factory ones done a oil change on it and put in a bottle of zinc with it. Cleaned all my glass off and vaccumed about 10lbs of rust out of the car. Just bought a set of points, a...
  5. 1964-1974 Tempest/Lemans/GTO Frame, Trans, Diff.
    I have a chance to buy a 12 bolt posi for very cheap. The length is 63 1/4 " from mounting face to mounting face and 58" between backing plates. I have a 1970 Lemans with a stock bop 8.2". The track/tread is 60" in the rear. I was wondering is there a way to separate the differential of...
  6. 1964-1974 Tempest, Lemans & GTO General Discussion
    i am wanting to get 300+ horsepower of my 1971 pontiac 350 and i want to know what parts are the best to do this. i don’t want to stroke it to 383 but maybe a slightly bigger cam, intake manifold, carb, headers, compression. etc.
  7. 1964-1974 GTOs for Sale (Price & Pictures Req.)
    Up for sale is my 1964 Pontiac LeMans. Original numbers matching drivetrain, automatic 2 speed Super Turbine 300, 10 bolt BOP rear-end, freshly rebuilt 326 with less than 700 miles on it. Brand new Edelbrock 4 barrel carb 1406, dual exhaust..the list is endless. Front end suspension, brakes...
  8. lemans

    First pics
  9. lemans

    First pics
1-9 of 9 Results