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  1. The_paint_booth_is_opened

    My '65 GTO after it was painted. It took me 20 years to get the car to this point.
  2. Right_side_of_GTO_engine_bay

    This is the high compression engine in my car now. For a stocker it's pretty snotty, but it likes the $8/gallon 100 octane gas. I have the original numbers-matching engine that needs a rebuild. I'm thinking of how to build that engine to run on today's fuel while keeping it all original under the ho
  3. Left_side_of_GTO_interior

    GTO interior getting a little tracked in the paint booth. The dash had rust along the lower windshield channel. My body man cut the dash out of the car, had it dipped, welded new metal, and re-shaped the repair on a shrinker-stretcher machine. No smash-and-fill repair allowed.
  4. 2007_0805Mikey0022

    The car was a total basket case requiring a body-off restoration. About the only pieces not removed were the torsion rods for the deck lid.
  5. 2006_0129qwestshow0021

    Rear view of the GTO at the Midlands show.
  6. 2006_0129qwestshow0018

    My '65 GTO at the Midlands International auto show. They displayed around a dozen vintage cars among all of the new cars.
  7. Top frame goes on

    This was after we got the top frame installed and the hydraulic system working. The entire top frame was dipped and acid-etched primed prior to painting.
1-7 of 7 Results