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  1. 1964-1974 GTO's and Parts Wanted
    I am a cash buyer and I’m in search of a very solid 67’ GTO. Must be #s matching and have great paint. I’m looking for a finished car and everything on the car works. Would love an HO or Ram Air car but will consider anything in great shape. A former trailer queenthat is now retired to cruise...
  2. 1964-1974 Tempest/Lemans/GTO Exhaust/Susp/Brakes
    Hello everyone, This question was actually asked 8 years ago, but I did not find a response. I ordered the Ram Air Restorations oversized manifolds for my 67 GTO with a 400. RAR doesn't mention it, but on Butlers website there is a note that states, " WILL NOT FIT 1964-67 FRAME WITHOUT...
1-2 of 2 Results