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  1. 1964-1974 Tempest, Lemans & GTO Engine Compartment
    I'm restoring my '65 389 Tri-Power engine. I am almost done with engine reassembly (long block). I bought rebuild kits for my three Rochester 2-bbls, but now wonder if I'd be better-off having someone (who has done this before, and who may be more patient with all of the teeny tiny parts) do...
  2. 1964-1974 Tempest/LeMans/GTO Engine Tuning
    Hey! Tony here I have some questions about Buttler Perfomance 428 stroker kits. I have a 1967 GTO with a 1968 428 Engine that i have with. 0.30 over boar I was woundering if i can buy the 428 stroker kit from butlerperformance and overboar the cylinders to 0.35 so the boar ends up in...
  3. 1964-1974 Tempest, Lemans & GTO General Discussion
    Since theres no better place to get real reviews from genuine people id like to know which brands, parts, shops and people that worked well with you and for you. I've started upgrading my 1966 GTO, Tri-Power 4 speed and ive been looking into upgrades for handling, suspension, performance and...
1-3 of 3 Results