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    i am wanting to get 300+ horsepower of my 1971 pontiac 350 and i want to know what parts are the best to do this. i don’t want to stroke it to 383 but maybe a slightly bigger cam, intake manifold, carb, headers, compression. etc.
  2. cherry1


  3. 100_3308


  4. SBC 283 (before)

    SBC 283 (before)

    More of the mess.
  5. SBC 283 (before)

    SBC 283 (before)

    When I got her she had a 2 barrel intake and carb on, dripping oil like a bastard, it was rough.
  6. 100_3298


  7. Dash before.

    Dash before.

    So glad I got rid of that god awful steering wheel.
  8. 100_3296


    New exhaust tips on it now. Need to replace the whole exhaust system.
  9. 100_3295


    New exhaust tips on it now. Need to replace the whole exhaust system.
  10. 100_3293


    People who do bad bondo jobs should be shot. They're just lucky I didnt pay them to do it. Oh well new panels and its fixed.
  11. 100_3290


  12. 100_3289


  13. 100_3288


  14. 100_3287


  15. Back Interior

    Back Interior

    Needs some love.
  16. Front Interior

    Front Interior

    Many things to change
  17. Its a lifestyle

    Its a lifestyle

    I dont agree with front licence plates so where else do you put it?
  18. Stock is boring.

    Stock is boring.

    I'd keep this car stock but unfortunantly I developed my own personality.
  19. Wrenchin


    Cant think of a better way to spend a summer afternoon.