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Hey all,
About a year ago I decided to trade in my ls1 trans am ws6 for something a little newer. At the time the choices were between the 05 gt0 and a slightly used 03/04 z06. I ended up going with the z06, but like I said, 0% financing was too good to pass up, and eliminated like, $300 a month off of what I was currently paying.

I thought I would give anyone interested a comparison between the two, now that I have a couple hundred miles on the goat.

I’ll start with the good stuff, so you don’t think Im picking on the goat. The quality of the goat versus the 5th generation vette doesn’t even seem to be a comparison. The interior is much nicer and everything feels very solid, even at high speeds.

The thing is as comfortable as any BMW/Mercedes I have ever been in. I feel like I can take this car on very long trips and probably feel pretty good and the rear end. Not to mention, the seats hug you in better than vette seats. (They purposely make vette seats without much to hold you in because they have to cater to an older market who cannot get in and out of their car easily)

The windows are designed better in this car. No one probably knows what Im talking about, but the c5 vette windows had no upper support and at high speeds were known to pop out, scaring the hell out of the driver naturally. Also, if you shut the door too hard, you would break whatever plastic part holds the window and would obviously need to replace it.

The head and tail lights are very attractive. I didn’t like the popup lights on the vette. They fixed that for the c6s, but I don’t think the c6 headlamps are too attractive either.

Brazen orange is the best color I have ever owned on a car, hands down. I just wish they had not put a similar color on the cavaliers and other cheap cars.

I see less gtos than vettes, and being that they are killing the gto this year, they wont be something you see too much of and I kind of like that. For instance, I would NEVER own the new cobra coming out, because it looks just like every other effen “rustang” on the road and it costs like, 20 grand more.

Having controls on the steering wheel again is great.

Here are a couple of the things I don’t care for.
I didn’t think the power difference would be so much between two cars that only had a 5 hp difference. The weight of the goat really bogs this car down. I know, I know, it’s the price you pay of having a back seat and other higher quality things … but it really does make a huge difference. It obviously affects gas mileage as well, considering I got 19mpg in the vette. I'm not even going to bother mentioning the handling differences caused by the weight.

Braking was downright scary. I haven’t looked up the braking specs, but I wouldn’t be surprised it the vette stops in a quarter to half the distance of the goat. I really should have thought about that one before I got going pretty fast.

No dead pedal is … weird.

Less of a “cockpit” feel than the vette or the ws6

It doesn’t get the looks of my last 2 cars … but I guess that can be a positive when I blow by cops.

If I had known I couldn’t put bigger rims/tires on it, I may have reconsidered. A car with anything over 400 horses should at least have the ability to strap on 295s with zero issues.

I have also had a couple quirks I may have to eventually take it in for. I used the little button to move the seat back, and it wouldn’t go forward again.
I opened my trunk for something, shut it, and it wouldn’t stay shut. I must have tried shutting that thing for 10 minutes before it finally “grabbed.”
The driver’s side door seems to make a weird popping every 20 minutes or so.

So all in all, a VERY nice car for the price and I can’t wait to see some of you on the road. By the way, do you wave to each other like vette drivers?

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