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Met my friend for lunch.

After lunch we got into a couple skirmishes on the way back to our offices.

Net result is the driver mod slightly affected the outcome. The Z28 won all 5 times from speeds of 30 to 55 on the low side and 80-100 on the high side.

I was able to open 1-3 car lengths every time. His shifting isn't as fast as it could be on the 2-3 and my guess is we would be even to me about .15 ahead in a 1/4 mile race if he could bang the 2-3 right.

We were very close with me opening a 1/2 a car till he shifted 2-3. At every 2-3 shift I opened a car length. Then I would continue my slow 1/2 a car length for every 25 mph pull. His 3-4 shift is real clean and he doesn't drop back on that.

Darn T-56.
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