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I live in Spokane area, but travel all over columbia basin area. I was going thru Warden Wa. and saw a black 04 there. Just thought you might log on to this site every now and then.
It`s been dam cold around here and my goat has been parked in the garage since it snowed 6 inches 3 weeks ago. I bought it new last Dec. 28, 04 and just turned 6000 miles. I`ve changed the oil 4 times already and run Royal Purple sen. in the trans and rear end. I think I`m going to drive it around the block today, so it doesn`t think I`ve died or something. Plus need to keep battery charged and seals lubed up.
I have not seen hardly any GTO`s around so when I do. I about break my neck looking at them. Can`t wait for spring!!! If you do log on, give me a shout.
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