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It may not be a "stereotype" thing at all. I'm a (sort of) middle aged white guy, the kind the dealer should be falling all over when I walked in the door. Yet I was inside for over 20 minutes, opening and closing the doors and generally crawling all over the GTO they had in the showroom before one of the sales guys finally asked if someone was taking care of me.

On one hand, they do want to give you some time to just look around, (I hate when they jump on you as soon as you walk in) but this did stretch that idea.

The guy that did finally talk to me later asked how long I'd been there and blanched slightly when I told him how long. It did turn out to be an overal positive experience, that sales guy and I have gone on to become somewhat buds, trading CDs and such.

So hang in there! If you really want to buy one, maybe the thing to do would be to walk in and annouce: "Gee I hope this big wad of money in my pocket doesn't fall out!" ;)

Oh and Way to Go Lisa! My wife wouldn't even come IN the dealer until she had to start signing papers.
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