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ouijaguy said:
Lingenfelter cold air intake. Go to Arrowheadperformance.com for the front air dam
I don't usually write bad things about companies, but I must warn you about my expierience with Arrowhead Performance. I have had some parts ordered since April 4th. They have been promised on certain days many times. I now have half of the parts and have been told the rest have shipped. I was promised a tracking number 8 days ago and still do not have one. I have called and left numerous emails and have received no reply. I paid by credit card and will start procedures to get my money back if I do not see parts this week. The guy's at Arrowhead do not answer their phones and answer emails only when they like. The service is TERRIBLE. I was going to order the center consoule guage pod, but never again will I deal with them. Check out GTO Dealer on this forum. He seems to be able to help out with getting anything you need.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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