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just installed my New Era intake on my 05', went in pretty well, no major porblems. Just had to find the right angle so it would stay away from the pulleys. The responsivness is very, very much improved. Im about to take it for a spin...

I forgot to mention, i learned a way to help the high temps in the engine compartment. There is a rubber piece of weather stripping that is at the back of the engine bay. It comes in contact with the back of the hood and with the hood open it is right in front of the air induction for the vents. This strip comes right of with no problems and it can be put back on. This allows for the hot air to escape, thus keeping air inside cooler. Now witht the 05's, you can also take out the hood inserts, this creates even more of a push of cool air and yes i do see a difference. Now, if you feel a constant flow of warm air coming through the vents in the passenger compartment, just turn the vent knob to the "recycle" postion, the circular arrows, and that should solve the problems...I hope that was informative, but some of you guys might already know about this...just trying to help.
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